How to Use The Quality Reports

The Maryland Health Care Quality Reports’ website lets you know how well health care providers are doing.  The homepage features health care topics that may be of interest to you. You can click on the caption below the picture or chart for more information. The following topics are covered under Quality Reports:

Consumer Ratings
Preventing Infections
Health Care Costs
Health Care Workers Influenza (Flu) Vaccinations

This website has five main sections that cover information about hospitals, physicians, long-term care, health plans, and surgical centers. Click on a section for more information.

Hospital Guide (Learn More)
Find a hospital- search for a specific hospital or see which hospitals are nearby.

Browse Health Topics- Find detailed information on a variety of health and medical topics reported on the Quality Reports site.

Consumer rating- see how well a hospital was rated by patients who were treated at the hospital.

Emergency care data- view the average ER wait times before treatment or admission to a hospital.

Infections data- view data on bloodstream infections, surgical site infections, Clostridioides Difficile infections, and percentage of healthcare personnel vaccinated for the flu.

Quality measures- review your hospital’s performance on a variety of evidence-based metrics related to topics such as cardiac care, surgical care, and patient safety.

Maternity and newborn measures- review your hospital’s performance on practice patterns and results of care.

Price transparency- identify the most common medical conditions and average charges by hospital.

Physician Information (Learn More)

Long Term Care Guide (Learn More)

Health Plans (Learn More)

Outpatient Surgery Centers (Learn More)