Price Transparency

Are you concerned about the price of your health care?

This website provides price information on medical conditions treated statewide and by each of the 47 general hospitals in Maryland.

Use this website to find:
  • Number of cases for top medical conditions treated in Maryland hospitals
  • Average hospital charge (price) per case
  • Average length of stay in the hospital
  • Average hospital charges by certain types of insurance or payers (Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial, and Other). For a list of payer categorizations, click here.

The most recent hospital charge data available on this site includes calendar year 2018. Historical pricing information is also available starting with 2013 data.

Remember, insurance plans differ and may cover more or less than the average price listed on this site.  Your hospital bill may differ from the average charges shown in these tables. Your actual bill reflects your use of services during your hospital stay and the hospital's charges at the time of your admission. 

Please note that this hospital charge data does not include physician charges.  These charges are usually billed separately.

New Feature
The Commission also reports the total costs (e.g., hospital, professional services, and prescription costs) for four specific episodes of care - Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement, Hysterectomy, and Vaginal Delivery. Check out for more information.